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Uyuni Sideboard by RIZA

Uyuni Sideboard by RIZA

Uyuni Collection


At the vast flat white area of Uyuni, after rain, an illusion that everything is floating on the wet surface is created. This minimalistic and neat collection is dedicated to this breathtaking experience. All pieces plastered with white cement, have the upper part detached from the base, to give the impression of floating.


Uyuni Sideboard

Materials: Steel/ MDF/ White cement

Dimensions: L: 200cm W: 45cm H:75cm           



RIZA is a furnishing brand established in 2021, by Panayiotis Stelikos. The brand produces refined, authentic and unique designs aiming to push the limits of design beyond ordinary.


The name RIZA, the Greek word for the plant' s "root", was inspired by the root' s structure. The multiple parts of the root that connect in one body, reflect the variety of design disciplines that the brand deals with, to create products and environments of common quality and aesthetic experience.


In its debut multicollection, RIZA presents furniture in sculptural, geometrical forms, with steel, cement and fabric as main materials. Using the shape of “Diapason” (tuning fork) as a starting design point, RIZA, achieves to create a unity between linear, elegant and delicate designs as Velma chairs, and monolithic, bulky designs, as the kaivu bench. With reference to Bauhaus, Brutalism and Futurism, a contrast between rough and sleek textures, shapes a solid set of living and dining furniture.


All pieces are designed by arcube studio.


In Cyprus, RIZA is exclusively presented at The Melting Pot concept.

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